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Our company, a logistical service provider, was originally established in year 1960 (and reorganized in year 2012), continues to operate in Port Klang, the transportation hub of Malaysia. We are strategically located in Port Klang and have easy access to the three main port terminals in Port Klang.

We are licensed Forwarding Agent (Customs Broker) in Malaysia and provide efficient Customs clearance for both import and export cargo.

Our long experience and expertise as well as our close business rapport with the various terminal operators and local government authorities involved in the port operations gives us an advantage in handling our customers’ cargo, both imports and exports.

By being a member of and linked to the Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) System in Port Klang, we have online real-time access to the Malaysian Customs Department, Shipping Liners, Banks, etc. to expedite cargo declarations and Customs clearance.

This facilitates the efficient submission of declaration of cargo and cargo manifest on a timely and accurate manner, for both import and export cargo.

We are progressing to become a Total Logistics Service Provider. Over the years, our customers appreciate our efforts in providing a reliable and cost-effective air and sea logistical service.

We are committed to building a strong and long-term relationship with our customers, for mutual benefits and business growth.

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